Smarter Accounting!

bSmart is a cloud-based accounting solution tailored for startups and small companies.

bSmart uses mobile technologies to streamline and expedite the journey of a financial event from its occurrence all the way into the general ledger.

Typically, an employee or manager will snap a picture of a receipt, invoice, etc. with his or her smartphone and directly forward the document to an accountant. In the absence of a picture, users can record a voice note and kick off a task based on that.

The accountant promptly receives a notification about newly assigned tasks and then translates the financial event into the corresponding accounting record.

This efficient approach keeps the time lag between an event and its entry into the books to a bare minimum and results in accurate, real-time reporting.


Real-Time Accounting

bSmart instantly reflects all additions and modifications to the books in the financial statements, keeping them up-to-date at all times. This is especially crucial at the closing of a financial period.

Assets Management

Keep track of your company’s assets through acquisitions, enhancements and disposals. bSmart correctly depreciates all assets during their useful life to give an accurate picture of your asset register.

Paperless Office

bSmart reduces the need to print out documents by keeping all original documents right next to the data in electronic form.

Outsource Bookkeeping

Your company does not employ a dedicated accountant? Not a problem! External accountants can help you and participate in the financial workflows from anywhere in the world.

Multiple Currencies

In today’s world, even the smallest company will deal with more than just their native currency. Recognizing this, bSmart has built-in, pervasive support for multiple currencies. The system relies on online exchange rates that are updated on an hourly basis. Alternatively, the system can base its calculations on manually entered exchange rates.

Multi-Company Support

Manage the books of multiple companies at the same time. Especially external accountants will deal with many companies at the same time. bSmart makes it easy to switch between companies, while keeping them properly isolated.

Multilingual Support

bSmart supports up to two languages, localizing not only the user interface, but also the data itself. This is ideal for companies with two working languages or with a large foreign workforce, as it allows each user to interact with the application in his or her preferred language, and to generate any report in either language.

Smooth Data Migration

Effortlessly migrate your existing financial data from other applications or via inventory lists.

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bSmart is available for Windows desktop, iOS & Android platforms.